In the Meantime


Ebbs and flows. This is the perspective that I try to apply to my own life and especially to the relationships that are important to me. What I mean by this is being open to the flow that happens naturally, trying not to panic when the tide is out. It means accepting its natural rhythm- one that isn’t always comfortable, one that doesn’t always fulfil or feed, one that sometimes takes more than it gives.

I try to be okay with “in the meantime” and to be confident that the tide will rise again. I try not to panic or prevent the natural flow but to instead accept it and have faith in it.

It’s reassuring to reflect on moments of high tide from the past and it’s essential to appreciate new moments when they happen but to expect a continuous flow of high tides isn’t realistic and can lead us to dwell in the low tides, worrying and longing to speed up the flow.  Maybe even making rash and damaging choices in the fear that the high tide is simply gone forever.

Sometimes we just have to be “in the meantime”…


11 thoughts on “In the Meantime

  1. Absolutely beautiful entry Shannon. I also love the accompanying picture! Such a sweet little girl and I know she is one of three precious daughters.

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