In the Meantime: The Martini


In between the highs and lows, while going along with the ebbs and flows, you’ll find: the meantime. (To read more about going with the ebbs and flows, click here). So much of our time is spent there, why not be at peace with it?

Shake up a gorgeous cocktail, put your feet up and enjoy a moment of simplicity. This is how you can make a perfect In the Meantime Martini…

In the Meantime…



Vodka 1 oz.

Vermouth 0.5 oz.

Lemonade 1 oz.

Cranberry juice 1.oz



  1. Fill a metal shaker with ice. Put in the vodka, vermouth, lemonade and cranberry juice, squeeze in a quarter of a lime.
  2. Give it a really good shake, shake, shake.
  3. Strain into your martini glass of choice.
  4. Garnish with a lime and toast to being contently “in the meantime.”

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