And The Liebster Award goes to…


I was recently nominated for The Liebster Award by Susan Lee Maccarelli, who blogs over at Pecked to Death by Chickens. Thanks so much Susan! I indeed accept this award with much gratitude.  Susan and I met, via Twitter, a few months ago due to our common appreciation for bathroom getaways.  She has a great sense of humour and her blog is definitely worth a gander so check out Pecked to Death by Chickens for some down-to-earth parenting humour and more…

Now, in order to accept this award I am required to share 11 random facts about myself. So, here goes…

  1. I used to be in love with Lord Byron. Despite the goat rumours, he was my high school crush.
  2. My favourite yoga pose is savasana (corpse pose). It’s the one pose I’ve mastered.
  3. I love Indian food, especially Chicken Bhuna with garlic naan bread.
  4. My cocktail of choice is a Dirty Martini.
  5. My favourite place to be is in my comfy bed.
  6. The strangest thing I’ve ever eaten is snake.
  7. I love sniffing lavender- it’s my vice of choice.
  8. I met my husband in Hong Kong.
  9. Chocolate is my BF.
  10. I am 98% chilled and 2% the opposite of that
  11. I think spending time with my girlfriends is the best therapy.

Susan also provided 11 questions for me to answer:

  1. Olivia Pope or Jack Bauer? Jack, for sure.
  2. Cake or Pie? Cake. Ideally chocolate with lots of chocolate icing!
  3. Manicure or Pedicure? 100% pedicure. Feet need TLC and they don’t get it from me. I don’t even like the look of my fingers with nail polish on them.
  4. Which is worse? Cleaning up blood or vomit?  Defo blood
  5. Facial hair on men? Lots, well manscaped or clean shaven?  Not lots!  Manscaped or clean shaven please.
  6. Heels? (how many inches?) or flats? Heels for nights out, must be strapped on and attached well to my feet though or heeled boots that are obviously attached to my legs. I am not very skilled at walking in heels. Flats for day to day.
  7. Fourth of July or New Years? I am Canadian so I’ll say New Years but only as an excuse to eat something indulgent like lobster.
  8. Christmas or Thanksgiving? Love Christmas as it’s magical for the kids.
  9. Kale or broccoli? Kale
  10. Winter Olympics or Summer? Winter. Canada did kick some butt this year in Sochi.
  11. Gluten or Gluten-free? Either is fine with me.

 And now, to pass on the honour…

I nominate the following bloggers to receive the Liebster Award:

Jennifer at

Sarah at

Linda at

Mamapotamus at

Ashia at

Shannon at

If you choose to accept, please complete the tasks as set below. It takes a little bit of time but it’s fun and you get to mingle with fellow bloggers and share your blog with their followers.

Now, for those of you whom I have nominated, your questions are:

  1. What is the strangest food you’ve eaten?
  2. What do you cook that your kids love?
  3. What’s your exercise of choice?
  4. Where is your ideal vacation spot?
  5. How long have you been blogging?
  6. What is your favourite post that you’ve written thus far?
  7. What are your guilty pleasures?
  8. What gets you down?
  9. What makes you happy?
  10. What’s your beverage of choice?
  11. What’s the best thing about being you?
Nominees who accept are to write a blog post (like this one) which includes the following:
*Thank the person who has nominated you and link back to their blog (by posting a link on yours). 
*Copy and display the award in your blogpost (save the pink image above and upload it to your own post).
*Answer the 11 questions about yourself, which are given to you by the person who nominated you.
*Write 11 random facts about yourself.
*Nominate 5 – 11 blogs/bloggers that you feel deserve the award. They need to have less than 1000 followers.
*Think of 11 new questions for the bloggers you have nominated and write them in your post.
*Inform the selected bloggers that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and link back to your own post so that they can learn about it (if they don’t already know about it) and so that they know what questions to answer.




6 thoughts on “And The Liebster Award goes to…

  1. I am broccoli and prefer tons of vomit over a drop of blood. Enjoyed reading your answers! I like the questions you came up with too.

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