The Horizontal Momtini

The Horizontal Momtini

Mildly hungover? Try this…
1.5 oz. Vodka
2.5 oz. Clamato Juice (or Tomato)
salt, pepper, Tabasco, Worcester sauce
Shaken on ice and served in celery salt rimmed martini glass.

Really hungover? Get out your Horizontal Parenting Kit.  With a little pre-planning, it is possible to be an active parent while remaining virtually, inactive…


The Aunt Agnes Martini

Sometimes, when I share my opinions about current pop culture and such, I sound like Old Aunt Agnes: unhip, out of touch and closed minded, like the perfect BF for the pastor in Footloose. (To hear more about what I really think, check out Bring Back the Tucked in Sweater)

Well, the bubbles around the kids are bursting whether Old Aunt Agnes and I like it or not.

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