The Aunt Agnes Martini

Sometimes, when I share my opinions about current pop culture and such, I sound like Old Aunt Agnes: unhip, out of touch and closed minded, like the perfect BF for the pastor in Footloose. (To hear more about what I really think, check out Bring Back the Tucked in Sweater)

Well, the bubbles around the kids are bursting whether Old Aunt Agnes and I like it or not.




You hear that?

I know I can’t maintain these bubbles forever and if I try, I’ll end up creating a barrier between me and my kids instead.

There are plenty of things that I don’t want my kids to watch, learn and hear but I can’t conceal those things forever and when they do watch, learn and hear them I want my girls to feel like they can come to me.
This motherhood business is certainly not for wussies. Luckily, I’m not alone. There are other bubble makers just like me and I’m sure they could use a cocktail! This martini recipe is meant to be shared with your bubble making friends. And, it calls for peaches in a can so Aunt Agnes would approve.



3 oz. chilled sparkling Wine

1 oz. peach puree (easily made by blending a can of peaches)

0.5 oz. Triple sec or Cointreau

a twist of lime


1. Pour the sparkling wine, peach puree, Triple sec and squeeze in a good twist of lime into each martini glass and stir.

2. Distribute your martinis to your fellow bubble makers. Take a deep, cleansing breath and toast to the bitter sweetness of bursting bubbles and to the Aunt Agnes within.


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