Mother’s Day, Shmother’s Day

Last night I celebrated Mother’s Day.

Yes, I am aware that Mother’s Day isn’t officially until Sunday but that’s not important, really.

What is important is that my family has now been set up for Mother’s Day success!  Reason being, I had a little Mother’s Day celebration with myself, at the mall…

No, I didn’t buy my own cards or gifts to give to my husband to give to the kids to give to me! As if!  How could you even think that?

Nope, I gave myself the green flag to go shopping. I told myself: “Go on! Enjoy a nice, relaxing browse. Breathe in the department store smells. Sit and have a coffee. Enjoy the peace and if you fancy a little somethin’ just buy it- without guilt!”

Well, my little venture was a success. Its effects, like a day at the spa. And, I’m now the very pleased owner of a gorgeous kimono-style jacket that only I could have chosen for myself.

Isn't she a beauty?

Isn’t she a beauty?

Happy Mother’s Day to me!

Now, when the “big day” comes and I say to my hubby and kids: “Any effort you make will be appreciated,” I’ll genuinely mean it.


I will be 100% delighted with whatever the day brings.


I won’t secretly be hoping for a thoughtful surprise all wrapped up and ready for me to open.  Although, I wouldn’t shun one if it were to present itself…

My Mother’s Day gift has been handpicked just for me, by me.  Nobody even knows about it but me (and now you). It isn’t going to be wrapped up in pretty paper and opened on the day but it still feels good just to know that it’s there.

And now, with my gift out of the way, I can just enjoy Mother’s Day and whatever it brings or doesn’t bring.

No big deal.

Just another day …

A day that…hopefully begins with me sleeping in. Some breakfast in bed would be nice, too. So would some beautiful, homemade cards and some lovely, hand-picked flowers, perhaps.

No pressure.


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