Mindy Miller is coming soon…


We’ve got some exciting news to share here at Martinis & Motherhood!

Starting next week and continuing throughout the month of July, Mindy Miller and her daughter Francesca will be joining us!

Each week, we’ll be given a priceless glimpse into “Mindy’s World” which is sure to enlighten and inspire us all! Through her blog posts, as well as her vlogs, Mindy and Francesca will reveal top tips on a variety of subjects including how to plan the best party ever! Mindy has also offered to give us the inside scoop on how to please your husband.  So we’ll look forward to learning more on that topic.

And, if we’re lucky, Mindy may even give us a tutorial on how to really shake it down on the dance floor.  She’s quite the horrible talented dancer, as you’ll soon learn.

We welcome you Mindy and Francesca and look forward to getting to know you over the next month.


Now, if you find yourself enjoying the antics of and wisdom offered by Mindy and her offspring, make sure you tell your friends all about them. You can also help give them a boost by commenting, liking and sharing their blog posts, vlogs, links and photos on your social media sites.

If the Millers are well received, perhaps they’ll stick around…

Thanks for following Martinis & Motherhood.

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