Are you there friends? It’s me Mindy…


By: Mindy Miller

Hi all!

I am so delighted to be here at Martinis & Motherhood from today until the end of July!

To kick start our adventures, Francesca has put together a little something to give you a glimpse into what is yet to come. It ‘s a one minute long trailer so click here to watch it!

It’s top notch, because my Francesca is a mutli-talented little miss and you’ll soon see where she gets that from…

I am so looking forward to the next few weeks when I totally let you into my world!

Through my blog/vlog, Mindy’s World, you’ll get to know me in all of my amazing glory.

I hope that we can be friends and that your friends can become my friends too and that their friends can befriend me as well because, actually… I don’t have many friends and I really can’t understand why…

I’m energetic and fun.

I’m perky and positive.

I’m super talented and best of all I’m not afraid to share my tips to help you be talented too.

I’m a real catch if I do say so myself!

So don’t miss out, like my other non-friends do.

Be a part of my world this July here at Martinis & Motherhood!

Sending out lots of love, kindness and butterflies too because butterflies represent new life and Mindy’s World is a new beginning for me and for my wonderful Francesca!

Yours Truly,
Mindy Miller

You can also find me on Twitter! (really you can!)

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