Nobody puts Mindy in the Corner


Everyone knows that Baby carried the watermelon.

But did you know that I carried the vodka?

Seriously, it’s true.

I was there.

And what happened next, well…. that’s history, right?

I have to admit, I did feel a bit out of place that night with all those passionate, lust-filled couples, grinding away…

I wasn’t in my element at all. Their moves were nothing like mine!

But Baby needed a friend (a wing-woman) so I went.

I stayed behind the scenes, though, away from the cameras. And I whipped up some watermelon cocktails for everyone.

I didn’t dance. No way! My robot and chicken moves wouldn’t have been appreciated there.

It was unsettling for me, not being able to tear up the dance floor that night. And I longed for a time when I could showcase my moves…

Well, guess what?! That time has come!

I’ve got my own vlog called Mindy’s World!

I’ll be here, at Martinis and Motherhood, with my daughter Francesca for the month of July.

Now, get ready to follow along but be warned: these moves are challenging! You’ll need focus and determination and before you know it, you’ll be tearing up the dance floor and making a name for yourself wherever you go.

Click here to watch: Learn to Dance with Mindy Miller!

Now go forth and tear up those dance floors.

You’re welcome!

Lots of love & kindness,


* This post has been written by fictional guest blogger, Mindy Miller. Mindy is a SAHM with a whole lotta oomph and a personal mission to shine! She has some extraordinary tales to tell, and some useful tips to share via her vlog! We’re lucky to have her and her daughter Francesca, visiting us here at Martinis & Motherhood.

You can follow Mindy on Twitter too!

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