Can a Mean Girl change her ways? That is the question…


Remember them from high school?

Every school had ‘em (and they still do.)

Maybe you were one.

Or perhaps you were bullied by them.

I’m sure the decision to partake in the former was often an attempt to avoid facing the latter. A tough choice; an outcome of desperation, perhaps, or fear…

Fear that they’d be shunned by their group- left, without friends, to fend for themselves when, in fact, it could have been their chance to create some genuine friendships with other people.

Well, maybe…

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In Search of Bliss…


It’s no secret that as moms, we spread ourselves in a million and one directions.

There is never a time when everything is done.

Nope. Life as a mother, wife and wannabe writer is an ongoing juggle. One that requires me to capture little moments of bliss amidst the hustle.

These moments can be found in the hugs that my little people give me or the gift of sleep that my husband, at times, presents. Even if 8:00 am is the new noon and I can hear absolutely everything the kids are doing downstairs, I appreciate that space and time in my comfy bed.

But I have to admit it, there really isn’t much that competes with the thrill that comes from being alone, with my laptop as a story unfolds at my fingertips.

That, for me, is bliss.

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Some Moms…


By Mindy Miller

Hi there friends! I know I said I was leaving BUT I have more to tell you…

I want you to know what inspired my latest masterpiece: A Poem for Moms. (You can watch my Oscar deserving performance of the poem over at BLUNTmoms)

It all started last week at Francesca’s soccer tournament. I am happy to report that her team has come first place, by the way. She is a talented little miss, that’s for sure.

Anyway, I was so proud of the girls so I made everyone on the team a cupcake to congratulate them. I also made a giant sign that said “Larry Lobster’s Cafe’ is the Best!’ ” (that’s their team).

I brought my megaphone as well and I shared a few fabulous new cheers that I’d made just for the girls…

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Mindy says Farewell to Martinis & Motherhood

Hi there friends!

Today is a sad day for Francesca and I as we are saying goodbye to you all.  Who knows, you may see us again sometime but for now, we are moving on.

Thank you sooooo much for your support and encouragement plus your likes, your comments and your shares throughout this past month.

What a whirlwind it has been! Did you miss any episodes of Mindy’s World? Here they are:

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