Some Moms…


By Mindy Miller

Hi there friends! I know I said I was leaving BUT I have more to tell you…

I want you to know what inspired my latest masterpiece: A Poem for Moms. (You can watch my Oscar deserving performance of the poem over at BLUNTmoms)

It all started last week at Francesca’s soccer tournament. I am happy to report that her team has come first place, by the way. She is a talented little miss, that’s for sure.

Anyway, I was so proud of the girls so I made everyone on the team a cupcake to congratulate them. I also made a giant sign that said “Larry Lobster’s Cafe’ is the Best!’ ” (that’s their team).

I brought my megaphone as well and I shared a few fabulous new cheers that I’d made just for the girls…

There I was, cheering them all on but then… something happened that really upset me.

(I’m taking a deep cleansing breath)

One of the moms, from the opposing team was a rather abrupt woman indeed. She said some very aggresive words to me (I could never repeat them they were just so rude). And then in a very hurtful move, she tore my megaphone from my hand, threw it on the ground and stomped on it.

I was speechless…

Needless to say, it’s broken now.

Well, as you know I’m a big believer in love and kindness so I just walked away…

And later I was inspired to pen this little poem:

A Poem for Moms

Motherhood, motherhood

Why can’t it all just be good?

There are so many ways to be a mom

Now, let’s just stop and think about some…

Some moms are blunt

Some hold it all in

Some moms drink coffee

While others drink gin

Some moms play ball

While other do art

Some moms are so classy

And some moms fart

But all moms are talented

to some degree

But most aren’t as thoroughly skilled as me

But I won’t hold it against them

I’ll still be their friend

Because love and kindness

is how our hearts mend

So let’s all dance

and sing a little song

Come on moms,

Let’s all just get along!

See, I’m not just a talented dancer and yoga expert. I have an important message to send out to the mothers of the world: Let’s all just get along moms!

Send it out there friends; spread the word.

Now, my work here is done…

Love and kindness,


*Note Mindy Miller is a fictional character and her tales are (mostly) fictional too!

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