In Search of Bliss…


It’s no secret that as moms, we spread ourselves in a million and one directions.

There is never a time when everything is done.

Nope. Life as a mother, wife and wannabe writer is an ongoing juggle. One that requires me to capture little moments of bliss amidst the hustle.

These moments can be found in the hugs that my little people give me or the gift of sleep that my husband, at times, presents. Even if 8:00 am is the new noon and I can hear absolutely everything the kids are doing downstairs, I appreciate that space and time in my comfy bed.

But I have to admit it, there really isn’t much that competes with the thrill that comes from being alone, with my laptop as a story unfolds at my fingertips.

That, for me, is bliss.

It all began last Fall during a writing class where I rediscovered my love of writing. Not long after that, I started my blog Martinis & Motherhood and I’m now a member of the writing team at BLUNTmoms. I’ve even been nominated for a CanWeBlog Award, which is really exciting for me.

My blogging journey thus far has lead me to some talented and amazing women and the act of writing has injected new energy and creativity into my tired mom brain.

I can see some doors opening and I’m excited to see what’s out there. I have a lot to learn.

This is why I’ll be going to BlissDom (October 2-4 in Mississauga).

I want to learn more about this world that I am just getting to know.

Talented women, skilled and successful bloggers, published authors, top publications, influential people and brands, it’ll all be there.

Along with cocktails and big beds with crisp clean sheets…

I’m not going to wait for my readership to grow or for the perfect timing to come along.

I’m going to book myself in for an entire weekend of BLISS right now because, I honestly can’t imagine too many things I’d rather do.

What about you, how do you find your BLISS?

For more information about BlissDom, you can click on their site and their Facebook page.

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The contest will run from midnight July 22nd, 2014 to 5pm August 31st.

For more information about BlissDom, you can click on their site and their Facebook page.

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