A Glamorous Pee (among other things) in NYC


These Clarks were made for walking. Good thing Carrie Bradshaw didn’t see. My Clarks, yes they were awesome On the streets of NYC

That’s right. I hit the streets of NYC in comfort this week and feel very lucky to have done so. I love New York and getting the chance to go there with my husband, John, really was worth all the effort (and anxiety!) We left the house at 6am, after a sleepless night (for me). I was convinced my alarm wouldn’t go off so I kept checking it. I was sporting some decent eye luggage by the time we set off and I also had a churning, sick feeling in my stomach because I was leaving my little ladies BUT I knew they’d be safe and happy at home with my parents. Besides, a getaway like this is not be missed!

We had lots of fun, although hubby was working part of the time, while I was Carrie Bradshaw-ing in a local café. I did suffer a touch of self-inflicted illness though, for the first part of day two, but was able to pull it together after some Advil and a nap.

Over the past two days in NYC I’ve laughed a lot. I’ve also shaken my head in disbelief a few times. I’ve appreciated my life and was almost flattened by a bus. Sinatra really sums it up for a lot of New Yorkers. They do it “their way,” like Frank. I’ve taken a few thoughts away with me this week…. NYC pic Here are 5 NYC-inspired truths:

  1. You don’t need a stage or even a dance floor to showcase your talent. Starbucks is a perfect spot for solo line-dancing. The world is your stage so get out there and own it!
  2. The Naked Cowboy is now a tame fixture in Times Square, since the arrival of the thong wearing, body painted ladies that is. How will their nipples fair in the winter months? That is the question…
  3. The smells of NYC streets and subways can threaten strongly to tip a delicate stomach over the edge. Therefore alcohol consumption should be monitored, carefully. The difference between 3 and 5 martinis can be significantly felt the next day. Drink wisely.
  4. Naps make everything better. Even when you’re in an exciting city filled with hustle and bustle.  If bed is calling, go to it.
  5. It is a bit glamorous to have a pee, in a W/C with a big window that overlooks the city’s skyline (in particular the Empire State building).  Note* If you’d like to experience a glamorous pee, like me, go for a cocktail at The Standard in the Meat Packer’s District.

Life After the Buck ‘n Fawns

By: Shannon Day

Sometimes when a mom is at home with her young, for extended periods of time, she can feel a wee bit claustrophobic, like a muskrat in a trap. I know firsthand how this feels. I’ve been that mom, that trapped mom. And I know, I’ll be her again…

This captivity-like existence often strikes while my husband is away. Throw in a few stomach bugs, a never ending winter and our home transforms into a suffocating trap with my little critters and I as the tormented creatures inside. During such times I yearn deeply to break free, like a woodland creature would if she were locked inside a cage

The mind of a trapped mom can be somewhat fantastical and, in my case, borderline fable-like. During these times, I fantasize…

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An Invitation to the Writer in You


Writing is therapeutic, creative, and fulfilling in unexpected ways. Whether you’re a banker, a waitress, or a retired firefighter there just might be a writer inside of you simply waiting to be invited out. So take this as your invitation! The door is open. Come on in!

And read on for a little inspiration to help your fingers find there way to the keyboard (or your pen to some paper). Continue reading