My Little Baby’s Growing Up

Today’s the day

You’re off to school

My time is mine, again

But bitter sweet

the day does feel

A fool, I guess I am

With nervous smiles

and hopeful eyes

We waved and said goodbye

But what is this?

What the heck?

There’s something in my eye…

My baby’s gone

She’s gone for good

No longer home, with me

She’s growing up

it’s for the best

Really- it must be

I’ll take deep breaths

 and soon I’ll know

the joys of my own time

I’ll  learn to own

that space and peace

I’ll cherish that it’s mine

But in this moment,

on your first day

I cannot jump with glee

My heart- it hurts

and so do I

’til your little face, I see

But when you tell me

all was well

I will then exhale

My little baby’s growing up

 the passing of time


Tomorrow I’ll be better


I won’t cry

But for today,

I’ll honour you, my baby

Today I’ll say goodbye

This poem was written last year, after I dropped my littlest girl off  for her first day of Junior Kindergarten.  It was raining and I was filled with emptiness and anticipation.  I knew that she would be fine but I missed her.  I needed to hear from her about how her first day went before I could feel at ease.

When I picked her up, she was tired but happy. She’d made some new friends. Upon hearing this news, I felt instantly ready to embrace the next phase of my life as  kid-free woman.

One year on, and after a long Summer, I am ready to bid my ladies adieu! Love them. Miss them. But, I’ve settled into this next stage of life and have become quite accustomed to it, in fact.

I’ve started Martinis & Motherhood and have been writing.

I’ve got plans and dreams! It’s so fulfilling to have that, again.

To mothers who are finding it hard to say goodbye, it will get better…

It’s your turn now, take it.


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