Who do you Choose? Your Girlfriend or your Husband?

friendship meme

The following post was written for BLUNTmoms.  I would like to add, that my husband surprises me every once in a while when he hits the nail on the head and says just the right thing. But then there’s the rest of the time and that is where I got my idea for this piece. The rest of the time…

Dear Mrs. Shue,

I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when I saw you…

Ok, ok- it was actually an Italian restaurant. The year was 1996 and I was a server there for the summer.
Anyway, you came in to meet some girlfriends for lunch and were the first to arrive. I knew you. You were an English teacher at the high school I’d attended, a married mom with 4 kids.  My young and single self was baffled by and in awe of your reality.
Four kids (WTF?)
Looking all happy and put together… How did you do it all?  Not that I wanted to do it, myself.
Hell no! Marriage and all those kids? No thank you!  That seemed a crazy venture, to me.
I must have broached the topic of marriage with you that day because somewhere between you ordering a glass of chardonnay and me telling you the soup of the day, you spoke these words:

“As soon as I realized that it was my girlfriends, not my husband, that would meet my emotional needs, everything became much better…”

Well, my 21 year old heart broke for you. You had obviously given up on your relationship with your husband who clearly needed some pointers on communication from my ex, the aspiring poet.  He knew how to be there for a girl…

But, you’d settled for somebody who clearly wasn’t a poet…

To read the rest, head over to BLUNTmoms…


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