A Silly Song, an Old Story and a Birthday Cake Martini…

It’s sort of like a party here today at Martinis and Motherhood.  Reason being, we are officially one year old! And to honour our birthday, I thought it would be kinda cool to celebrate together by taking a scoot back to where it all began – with a re-print of my first post: Cocktails and Canvases.

Then, I’ll be shaking up a very tasty martini. And I think you should make yourself one too.

But, before we can proceed, Mindy Miller (of Mindy’s World fame) wanted to dedicate her Birthday video to us. She’s insisting that it be shown right away. Which makes sense to me as what kind of party would it be without some shenanigans, right? So, here’s Mindy and her daughter Francesca doing their thing:

Thanks for that, girls!

Now, my first post is still one of my favourites because it pays tribute to some essential ladies in my life, my girlfriends. Where would we be without each other?

Cocktails and Canvases

While I was never a Minolo Blahnik wearing stylista in the city, back in the days of freedom, I used to love to throw on some heels and a chic (or so I’d thought) ensemble. My friends and I would get together, at a local bar. We’d drink cocktails and dance the night away, in a circle, like a ring of shoe and purse worshipers.

On lazy summer days, the girls and I would just chill out up on roof tops, drinking beer. We’d talk about guys, sex and the meaning of life. We’d confide in each other about the trials and tribulations of our own, self-absorbed, twenty-something lives.

We had some serious time on our hands….

I do love reminiscing about those days when we were trying to figure it all out, dreaming about what the future might hold, laughing at the unexpected. Those were the philosophical days of freedom! The world was our oyster, as they say, and our futures were like blank canvases waiting to be filled.

My memories of the freedom days are essential, like food for the soul.

These days, in the future, there isn’t much time to chill out or to analyze the meaning of life. With one ever so industrious husband and three little ladies (one dreamer, one future engineer and one precocious rebel) I’m pretty much absorbed in a boisterous blur of life. I guess you could say that I’m busy filling up that blank canvas and the fact is, I am, by no means, the sole artist of this current piece.  I’m more like the dedicated Personal Assistant to the feature artists. I’m there, behind the scenes, in the guise of a calm, organized person, whose role is to make sure everyone has what they need.

Yes, I’m a PA and a fulfiller of needs. I’m also a teacher, a therapist, a song maker and, occasionally, a cocktail shaker. I’m a mom: a provider of hugs, a maker of many meals and the keeper of all things material and non. At times, I’ m a broken record with lyrics that echo the words of my own mother. I am both a tyrant and a safe haven, and within these roles I am in constant pursuit of balance.

Less wonder, more substance, this is how I contrast my thirties with my twenties. I am fully immersed in all things relating to the kids and my husband, our home and our family life. These are not the freedom years- more like the whirlwind years, and I’m an uncertain juggler in the middle of it all.

And now, more than ever, I’m grateful for my girlfriends- my fellow jugglers.

Together, when we get the chance, we sip coffee, tea, wine or cocktails (in our comfy clothes often and occasionally our heels).  We share in the trials and tribulations of our child-absorbed lives. We talk about our men, current and past. We discuss our roles in this great big world and within the little bubbles that we create. We confess to each other. We make each other feel normal and then (after a deep cleansing breath) we head back, exonerated, into the whirlwind.

And now,  it’s time for a cocktail!

Happy 1st Birthday Martinis & Motherhood

Happy 1st Birthday Martinis & Motherhood

Birthday Cake Martini


2 oz. Marshmallow infused vodka

2 oz. Cherry or Cream Soda

1 maraschino cherry

Sprinkles for the rim and honey or syrup to make them stick

1. Fill a metal shaker with ice and add the marshmallow vodka and cherry soda.

2. Stir the mixture, don’t shake or the soda will de-carbonate and taste flat.

3. Spin the rim into some honey or syrup on a plate and then onto another plate or bowl of sprinkles.

4. Carefully strain the mixture into the glass and garnish with a cherry.

Toast –  I’d like to make a toast to you guys!  Thanks so much for following along with me here at Martinis & Motherhood.

Let’s also toast to life’s little pleasures, to silliness and to friendship.

Thanks for being a friend to me and to Martinis & Motherhood.



6 thoughts on “A Silly Song, an Old Story and a Birthday Cake Martini…

  1. Hi! Popping in via one of Lisa Dolan’s postings. First off – that wondrous video! Huge effort – I mean the costume changes alone. Wow. Love it! Perfect way to start a Sunday.
    I wish you a very Happy First Blogversary! This post whips me back to the days when the other Elementary school moms and I would cluster around several bottles of wine and learn, once again, that we weren’t alone. We were all making the same mistakes and sharing the same successes. Thank you. Those were great days. 10 years on I’m pals with many of them still.

  2. I just pinned that martini to my “recipes” board. I cannot wait to try it. And just so you know I just made something from my recipes board yesterday.. So i actually do the stuff I pin (sometimes!). Happy first blogiversary!!!

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