Taming of the Shrew (Or is the Problem You?)

big angry woman and small man on the field

Under her Thumb and you Wanna Run?

Is your wife bossy, moody and difficult?

Does she make you feel like a bird in a cage by hindering your freedom and standing between you and the things that you want to do?

While you’re chillin’ on the couch, just watching the game and having a few beers, does your wife dampen the vibe with her evil eye?

When you go out with your buddies, do you suffer your wife’s wrath the next day or even worse, does she forbid you to go in the first place?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you may, in fact, be living with a shrew. Not an actual rodent-shrew but the human version, defined my Merriam-Webster as: an ill-tempered scolding woman.

But, fret not, my friend. I’m here to help you tame your shrew.

Sucks to Be You (but it doesn’t have to)

Living under the thumb of a shrew-wife must be tough. And, I’m sure it’s gotten even worse now that the kids have come along.  I feel for you, I do.  Living like that must really drain the life out of you.

Now, there are times, when my shrew-qualities can peer their volatile face BUT, these moments are extremely rare. Reason being, my husband’s got his priorities in the right place.

So, if he says he’d like to go golfing or to the pub with his friends, I say: “go for it!” When he plans a weekend away with the guys, I don’t mind at all. If he snags a nap on the couch, one Sunday afternoon, I’m happy for him. I’m good like that.  That’s how I roll. And your wife can roll that way too!

Now to make your wife less of a shrew and more about you, read on…

The Secret to Life with a Laidback Wife

Yes, I’m a “go with the flow” kinda’ gal and I’m quick to support my hubby’s ventures. It’s true! But there’s a reason for my easy-going ways. The fact of the matter is: my husband sets me free when I want and need to be free! He’s got my back and he supports my ventures.

You see, a chilled out wife (who is virtually shrew-free) is the product of a good husband.

Now, do you catch where I’m going with this? If a hubby who has his priorities in order has a supportive wife then what kind of hubby has a shrew-like wife?

Contemplate this.

Give in to some furrowed brow pondering.

And then, take the Asshole Assessment Quiz and discover if your wife is really a shrew or if the problem here is, actually, you.  I’ll also offer practical shrew taming techniques and advice on owning your asshole-ness!  So don’t miss it.


  • Disclaimer:  I have no formal training in the area of counselling or psychology.  I was, however, a bartender for a few years back in the day…  

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