But First, I’ve Got Towels to Fold…

I love my kids.
I love my husband.
And I am grateful for my life.
the weight of motherhood
and wifehood
all that mess
can take me to my breaking point …
BLUNTmoms published one of my posts, last week. Is it a first-world-problem piece? 100%. But it’s also raw and real and in it I share a personal moment of emotional weakness, paralleled with strength in my convictions to remain true to myself. I also throw in a bit of humour because it’s good to laugh, right?

The story received many comments and shares, mostly from women who could relate and some who respectfully, could not. The post then went on to be published by Scary Mommy, which if you don’t already know is a big deal because Scary Mommy is incredibly popular, hard to get published on and widely read. (The last time I looked it had been shared 30K times on Facebook.)
I admit it, I did the running man with joy when I found out my story was going to be published there.
As I expected, it got lots of feedback, both positive and negative.  Unfortunately, some of the women began turning on one another and on me “the author.”  It all got a bit nasty, which is unfortunate. BUT, and most importantly, there were some women who connected to the piece. Some who were made to feel a bit more normal and bit less alone on their journey.  For this, I am very grateful.
If you’d like to have a read or get in on the conversation, check it out: More than a Housewife.
And, by the way, I built my hubby a lovely tower of fresh, clean towels this week. He appreciated it.

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