How to Make Cleaning FUN (tips from a 6-year-old)

Young Happy Beautiful Woman Maid Dusting On White

“I love cleaning! See my smile?!”

With 2016 officially underway, the time has come to tidy and organize our way out from under that inevitable mountain of holiday mess. It’s tasks such as these that leave us, “keepers of the home,” feeling disgruntled, shat upon even, or downright ready to blow!

Sure, fun times have been had. But the aftermath of such fun has the power to erase all the goodness by making a tidying dad or mum feel all sorts of glum.

That’s right we may experience a sense of anger or woe when we find ourselves ass-deep in Rainbow Loom bands (I thought this was last year’s trend?), dried up play dough creations (What the hell are these things anyway?), and abandoned Barbie shoes (I’m just going to throw these little mofos out once and for all!).

The glum can even creep-in when our kids lend a helping (or forced) hand because, let’s be honest here, their efforts are only nice “in theory.” In reality, little hands can only do so much. The fact is, the bulk of the household cleaning and organizing is left for the grown-ups to do. And, in my case, I’m the grown-up in charge…


Luckily for me, my 6-year-old has my back. Not only has she noted that I appear bogged down by a shoulder-load’s worth of shit, she has kindly offered some helpful tips to make cleaning more “fun” for me. I am happy to report that, after only a few days of implementing these simple-yet-effective strategies, more “cleaning fun” has been experienced!

This got me thinking, maybe other cleaners of the home would benefit from her helpful tips. So, here you go…

small stuff

The Top 5 Ways to Make Cleaning More Fun (quotes from my 6-year-old):

  1. “All you have to do is put a smile on your face, Mom. Try it!”
  2. “Just pretend your mop is your boyfriend and you are at prom togeva.”
  3. “Talk to yourself and then talk back to yourself.”
  4. “Dance to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” when you are cleaning and make a YouTube video.”
  5. “Give yourself a chocolate every time you finish a job.”

I have to admit, these ideas really have given new life to my role as “keeper of the home.”  Not only do I stroll around, happily cleaning with a perma-smile that would give June Cleaver a run for her money, I also feel less alone while mopping the floor with my prom date. I am sporting some fine new dance moves and I’ve shaken off every last bit of glum and then some. I’m even contemplating starting up my own YouTube Show called “Cleaning Can be Fun.” Oh, I also have a toothache and my pants won’t do up but I guess that’s what happens when you listen to the wisdom of a 6-year-old.

Have you ever asked your kids for cleaning tips? If not, you should. Let me know what they have to say in the comments.


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