In and Out of Tune With My Inner June (Cleaver)

June CleaverYesterday morning, I was the ultimate Stepford Mom (in my mind).

I’d produced a picnic, complete with: butterfly shaped sandwiches, homemade chocolate chip muffins, and a healthy fruit salad. I even had a checkered tablecloth all packed up. I was on fire, damn it!

But soon, my inner June Cleaver threatened to give way to my inner Crazy Mom. That bitch creeps in when June and I get ignored during crucial moments, like when time is tight. And, sure enough, a time-is-tight moment had arrived. After getting carried away in the kitchen, we were officially going to be late! So, of course, it wasn’t long before June and I were faced with that fork in the road, where Lunatic Lane meets Pleasantville Crescent…

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Who’s the Real Dick? {It’s Not “Crazy 1st Birthday Mom”}


I’m a fan of the gift giving experience. I love selecting them, wrapping them and presenting them to their intended recipients.

Watching people open gifts (that have been thoughtfully selected by me) really is my idea of fun times.

I also love receiving gifts and can honestly say, I’m easy to please. There is something about the surprise-factor that still excites me, despite being an almost-40-year-old, fully grown woman. If you’ve chosen it for me, I will be grateful to receive it. I can usually identify a re-gift, but don’t worry, I won’t hold it against you.

I know that not everyone shares in my gifting enthusiasm. In fact, more often than not I have noticed friends and family taking a practical approach to gift-giving by asking specifically what I, my husband, and the kids would like for our birthdays and Christmas. Which is fine with me; I don’t mind sending them in the right direction. I know that not everyone enjoys, has time for, or feels like they know our tastes well enough to make selections on their own.

In fact, some people actually find the idea of choosing presents for others, stressful. These practical-natured folks like to be certain that a gift will be used and appreciated.

These peeps are precisely the type who would appreciate being sent a list of pre-selected gift ideas, with handy links to websites from which to order these requested products. Have you seen the email making the rounds on Social Media this past week?

1st Birthday Demands

As it turns out, one of the email’s recipients didn’t appreciate the practical (and yes, over-the-top protective & micro-managed) nature of the email’s contents. And, unfortunately, despite being a member of her immediate family, this recipient didn’t have enough respect for the mom who’d sent it, to keep it private.

So she is now known as: “Crazy 1st Birthday Mom,” and is being insulted in a variety of ways ranging from tacky to psychotic…

Is “Crazy 1st Birthday Mom” a bit over the-top with her military operation of the gift giving process? Sure. But, this is clearly her first child, she’s catering to, here. For those of us who have been there, as a new mom, we all had an area or two that we were overly-something about. But, luckily for us, nobody was taking notes, quoting us, or tossing proof of our irrational behaviour out to the sharks of the internet world.

Does “Crazy 1st Birthday Mom” take the “fun times” out of the gift selecting process? Ya. She does. Where there are rules, fun is inevitably hindered! You’ve got to admit, though, the woman is thorough and, dare I say she’d be a fab Personal Assistant. She is extremely practical and proactive. She makes reference to not wanting to waste money and is obviously quite frugal with the cash of others, as well as her own. Another perspective to consider is that perhaps she and her husband have limited space in their home and she’s concerned about where she’ll put all the gifts (hence the 2 gift limit). She could work on her delivery but she has reasons and worries and, in my opinion, her family should do their best to respect her wishes, no matter how they feel about her rule-laden approach.

Does “Crazy 1st Birthday Mom” need to take a chill pill? She absolutely does. And I am sure, in her own time, she will. Unfortunately, her family members (who could’ve just had a little chuckle or uttered a simple “yikes” and moved on) chose to drag her through the trenches, instead.

So, on behalf of “Crazy 1st Birthday Mom,” I feel compelled to send out this message to the email sharing family member: You’re a dick! And, somehow I have the feeling you are a long way from being forgiven. And all for an email’s five minutes of fame.

How to Deal with a Know-it-All

Your words of wisdom shan't go unacknowledged!

Your words of wisdom shan’t go unacknowledged!

Do you have a know-it-all in your life? Maybe it’s your mother, your son or, like me, it’s your husband. Perhaps you are the know-it-all. If so, and you want your relationships to work, I suggest you forward this on to your loved ones.

More than just a Know-it-all – Living with someone who has know-it-all tendencies is annoying, to say the least.  The unsolicited should’ves and would’ves are aggravating, frustrating and not even remotely helpful.  But, as we all know, a person comes as a package and we have to appreciate the good and make the most of the bad. Luckily my know-it-all hubby is also gorgeous and kind.  He is (and will be the first to say it) a fantastic cook, too.   But most importantly, he has a great sense of humour, which goes a long way in our house.

The Mini Trophy – This is how I cope with his pushy words of wisdom: whenever my hubby reckons he’s an expert (and he does reckon because he’s British), Continue reading

10 Signs We’re on a Moms’ Night Out

 Moms' night OutWe moms love a nice get together with our girlfriends. In fact, our sanity depends on it. By the time we peel the last kid from our leg and make it out the door, we’re exhausted and the night hasn’t even begun. But this doesn’t stop us. No way! We may be a tad disheveled but we’re more than ready to make the most of our night of freedom.

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