All I See are 50 Shades of Red

50 Shades of Red

So, the new 50 Shades of Grey movie is set to release next month.  Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Will I watch it? Likely. Did I like the books? No.

It’s been over two years since an army of  exhausted women with kids from around the globe mustered up some energy and went buck wild for the EL James’ Trilogy. I’m sure husbands everywhere are looking forward to another surge of action when the film hits cinemas, although ideally it would just go straight to DVD…

I was one of the last to get on the 50 Shades bandwagon and was the first, and only in my crew, to hop the hell off.

The moment the young, drunken Anastasia Steele fell at the feet of the composed and sober Christian Grey, was the moment the judgmental realist in me was awakened.

She’s 21. Let her figure it out for herself, Mr. Grey. Even if that means puking in a bush…

Yet I chose to read on. Continue reading