Mr. Miller’s Birthday Video (feat. Katy Perry’s Birthday)


Hi Folks!

It’s me, Mindy Miller and I’m back again to share with you our latest video. This one was for Mr. Miller’s birthday on Friday.  He was soooooooo surprised and he especially loved the birthday suit that we spiffed up just for him.

This video is a wee bit longer than the others and those 3 1/2 minutes will in fact be gone forever and you won’t ever get them back BUT Francesca has outdone herself this time with her filming, editing and directing talents so go on, press play!

Love & kindness,

Mindy Miller

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A Day in the Life of Mindy Miller


Hi there,

Thanks for joining us again here on Mindy’s World!

This week Francesca and I have been back on track. We’re not quite two-peas-in-a-pod but pretty close! The Roar video  that we did last week must have done the trick, so I’m super excited about that.

Now, many people have been asking me if the fame of Mindy’s World has changed me. Well, friends, I can assure you IT HAS NOT! I am still the same Mindy Miller that I’ve always been…

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