Life After the Buck ‘n Fawns

By: Shannon Day

Sometimes when a mom is at home with her young, for extended periods of time, she can feel a wee bit claustrophobic, like a muskrat in a trap. I know firsthand how this feels. I’ve been that mom, that trapped mom. And I know, I’ll be her again…

This captivity-like existence often strikes while my husband is away. Throw in a few stomach bugs, a never ending winter and our home transforms into a suffocating trap with my little critters and I as the tormented creatures inside. During such times I yearn deeply to break free, like a woodland creature would if she were locked inside a cage

The mind of a trapped mom can be somewhat fantastical and, in my case, borderline fable-like. During these times, I fantasize…

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My Tahiti: The Martini

imageOver the past 7 days I’ve spent, roughly, 57 minutes in Tahiti.  (To learn more about what WTH I’m talking about click here: 7 Minutes in Tahiti -a story of survival.) With hubby away, it was my trips there that saved my sanity. Time in Tahiti renewed my patience long enough for me to comfort, care for and serve my little people, who were, apparently, participating in a competition for who could be: The Biggest Diva.

You see it’s been one of those weeks at our house. You know the ones, where sickness makes its way from one family member to the next leaving a trail of destruction and a frazzled mom in its wake.  I was the first to get it and by the end of the week it had made its way through all of us, minus Zed who’s been feeling left out of our club.

Now the end of the week has arrived and everyone is on the mend. We have survived! And as I sigh the sigh of a survivor, I know that this martini that I am about to sip is not only going to be tasty but it will also be well deserved.

This is how you make a My Tahiti…


My Tahiti Martini  


1.5 oz vodka

¼ oz Balsamic vinegar

5 strawberries

1 tsp. sugar


  1. In a small blender combine the sugar and strawberries. This creates a puree. Add a touch of water if you need to for a smoother blend.
  2. In a metal shaker, add the vodka, balsamic vinegar and the puree.
  3. Shake, shake, shake and strain this beauty into your martini glass of choice.
  4. Garnish with a strawberry and kick back with your feet up.  Toast to sanity and, of course, to those precious moments spent in Tahiti.