Behind Every Ugly Sun #OnlyTrollops

Mom and daughter with false mustaches

I’ve got my fingers, my toes, and even my legs crossed right now. Reason being, I’m hopeful that someday my kids will think as highly of me, as I do of my own mom.

Yup. I’m all twisted up into a yoga-like tree pose. Everything is crossed as I send out my requests into the universe. I am willing the presence of some positive energy to head my way. I, a mother of three girls, appreciate all the energy that I can get! I’ll also need a blast of hope, a splash of luck, and a sploosh of peace.

They’re are all on the wish list, here, while I twist and cross with all my might. Bring it on, universe. Send your strength my way!

Yes, positive energy certainly can’t hurt but I know that I need to do more than cross everything and hope for the best to get my girls and I where we want to be. I know what it takes to get where my mom and I are today. It takes patience. It takes a shitload of patience. And knowing what I need to do and doing what I need to do are two very different things. The battle is very real, right moms!? Tell me I’m not alone, here.

I wrote about my efforts (and my slips) as I aim to master the art of patience, as taught and modelled by my mom. You can read my story, entitled: Behind Every Ugly Sun. It’s part of Crystal Ponti’s latest anthology!

Only Trollops

Only Trollops Shave Above the Knee The Crazy, Brilliant, and Unforgettable Lessons that We’ve Learned from our Mothers is available, on Kindle and in print, over at ,, and Just in time for Mother’s Day!

I’ve gotta say, I am feeling pretty confident that my mom will like her gift this year…

A Chat with… Cheryl Hickey


The ET Canada host talks career, family and what she really thinks about finding balance

Cheryl Hickey is the glamorous host of Entertainment Tonight Canada.  She is also wife to producer-director Kevin Foley and mom to Jaxson, four and Nyla, one.  When she’s not changing diapers and making lunches, Cheryl’s walking red carpets and interviewing the world’s top celebrities like George Clooney and Brad Pitt…

Just let that sink in…

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Go on, Put your Feet Up…

Go on, Put your Feet up...

Remember when you first brought your new baby home?
You were shell-shocked and overwhelmed but your heart was filled with a new kind of love, one stronger than anything you’d ever known. This feeling of endless love was, by no means, your only emotion. There was also a greater sense of worry and of wonder as you embarked upon the first of many learning curves in your journey as a parent.  Fast forward to the teen years and here you are shell- shocked again…

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Coffee Talk, Hoo Has, and the Magical Tunnel

Funny girl in eyeglasses hiding behind a table

Mornings have never been my time to shine. When I first open my eyes, or have them pried open for me, I can hardly see. Even with little faces pressed right up against mine, I can still be confused as to who is there interrupting my slumber.

Honestly, my eyes look like two pissholes in the snow and my hair, a ratty-ass monsoon. My balance is off. I stagger, sway and bump into walls, even. No, this hangover-like awakening is not a result of a big night out or insomnia nor is it because I’ve been worn down by my parenting duties in the night. Nope. No night feedings, here. With or without wet beds and bad dreams, my day begins the same way. This is just me in the morning and it always has been.

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Candy: The Solution to Sibling Rivalry


About a month ago, sibling kinship was fading and moments of peace and tranquility were few. Incoming was a surge of sibling competition, shouting, and a general need to bug the hell out of each other. Tensions were building, the battles were on the rise and I was, quite frankly, sick of it.

We’d had some bouts of flu (including my own) at our house which meant there’d been a few too many days of planted butts and under-stimulated minds.  I’d exhausted our Horizontal Parenting Kit and turned a few too many blind eyes to bad behaviour.

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